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Bon dì, my name is Thomas, in art Betelgeuse., and I love grunge music, folklore, astronomy, and cold war history, which is why most of my music revolves or is based around those things. I come from a small village in Valtellina (Italy), and I live really close to the Swiss border. Despite that, I've visited Switzerland only four times. One times was to take a shortcut to get to another place in Italy and another one was a thirty minute trip to get snacks. The latter made me somehow believe that Switzerland was cheaper than Italy. It is not.And international travel aside, I hope that my music gets people interested in Valtellina and its rich history and culture. We're about to be the partial hosts of the 2026 Milano-Cortina Olympic Games, and I'd like y'all to know the name of the places before the games happen and everyone gets confused because they don't know where Bormio is.
I actually started making music in Summer of 2021 simply because I was thinking about how cool it would be to sing at an Olympic opening ceremony, and suddenly I was hit with the desire to make grunge/Seattle sound music. And then it took me a year and a half to get my first song out, because music theory is scary.
_**And I don't know if this is unattainable or not, but I'm both an Olympic and Eurovision hopeful. But I mean, it's not like it's the weirdest ambition that I have.
Do y'all want to know my dream job since I was five?
astronaut.I want to go to the Olympics and win Eurovision, and my dream job is being an astronaut.Sometimes life is so boring in the mountains that you have to come up with super unattainable dreams just to be entertained. Because it's either that, or wandering the only mall we have. And the mall gets boring after a while.


An ode to the chaotic city of Seattle; birthplace of grunge, Jimi Endrix, Starbucks... Also the main stage of the Seattle '99 protests (which as an Italian I deeply admire, as they are the prequel to our own G8 protests), a strong opposition to the Vietnam war ever since the conflict started, and an indigenous community that refuses to be silenced.
Also the city where Icarly is set. Album cover was made with Craiyon by typing ''Post apocalyptic Seattle''. I really like how orange it looks.

Nestled deep into the Italian Alps, less than an hour away from Milan but located in a whole different world, lies Valtellina. It's a small place, with just around 150.000 inhabitans, but with an history that spans and holds From a , which greatly influenced the regional language of Lombard, to the Roman Empire, to the Grisons and the Spanish, to the looting and ransacking done by Napoleon, up until the unification of Italy. And even after, it was home of trenches
One of the last places in Italy to be liberated by the nazifascist. Future (partial) host of the 2026 Winter Olympics.
Folklore that includes ghosts, witches,
One of the best traditional foods

My cat, Fagio (short for Fagiolino, AKA green bean), is the best in the world. He's a little bitey and very prone to scratch you, but he also gives very good kisses and purrs when you caress his neck.

The snow keeps falling but now you're gone and I don't know what to do.

Second and last song on this album about grief. This time it's about a different person though, and instead of focusing on the AFTER, on the process of grief
It's reminiscing about the BEFORE, trying to grasp a memory of the person
It's winter of 2017 and my oratorio (Catholic youth groups that apparently do not seem to exist outside of Italy and France? Since I couldn't even find a Wikipedia page in English about them. Oratorio is also the name of the building where the group meets.) has organized its yearly Christmas field trips for the older kids. The middle schoolers would go to Turin, while us fifth year of elementary-schoolers would visit Chiavenna, an Italian border town thirty minutes away from both Switzerland and my home.(The prospect of sending a class of 11 year olds to a big city didn't really thrill anyone, not only because we were, you know, 11, but also because we were so accident prone that it's a miracle we all made to middle school alive and mostly unscathed (I think. I have not heard from that one unvaxxed classmate in half a decade. He could be dead. I think he is dead. Oh God he is most certainly dead.)I don't even remember what we visited if I'm being honest, but we ate the most delicious pizza I've ever had in a traditional grotto, saw some museums there and there now that I remember, and slept on the floors of the Chiavenna oratorio. Which is something that I remember fondly because my sleeping bag had an inflatable mattress inside of it, so I was the most comfortable,cozy, and envied guy in the group.But the memory that became an emotionalIt was one of the 'in' bars, with minimalistic furniture, a gazebo,In December of 2022, I decide
I take the bus to the nearest train station, hop on the train, have an hypoglicemic episode on the train, and then run to the Chiavenna ice rink to have some fun and try practice a double toe loop in an arena full of children 5<.
And you know how I felt during my entire little day trip? Empty.Because(a year after I would spend a weekend in Turin, sleeping in a monastery, eating really dry , and wrecking my dad's old phone that he had given me so that I could keep in contact with my family.) (in my defense I only wrecked the little protective sheet in front of the screen. The screen was fine. )